Tannerite for High Powered Rifles

Tannerite for High Powered Rifles

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You know what it is, no description is necessary.  This is the formulation that requires a projectile with a muzzle velocity of 2000fps+.  Look elsewhere for Rimfire Tannerite which works at lower velocities.

We supply Tannerite to folks who want to use it for a "baby reveal".  What is that you might ask?  Simple, a cool way of letting friends and family know what the gender of the new arrival is.  

I want to thank our pal Curt at D&B Machining for sharing a Baby Reveal that he orchestrated.  Enjoy.


Guess: Girl or Boy?

We carry the 20 1/2 lb. container Pro Pack and 2 lb. economy containers.  Everything is in stock, buy now!!  Note that HazMat is NOT required for this!!