Tac-79 37mm Top Break Launcher

Tac-79 37mm Top Break Launcher

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The Tac-79 is a launcher that can be purchased in a variety of different configurations:

  • Tactically, with either a collapsible AR stock or a solid A2 type stock
  • Conveniently, as a pistol with a 6" barrel
  • Historically, with an authentic Mil-Surp M79 wood stock
  • And now we provide the pistol version with an AR stock - The Breacher!

The Tac-M79 comes with an original Military Surplus wood buttstock and a newly crafted black walnut forend.  Note that the stock is surplus and the condition can vary from pristine to used with some dings and scrapes. 

The launcher comes with one 4" Picatinny Rail mounted at the 12 o'clock position on the breech end of the barrel.

The 12" barrel is drilled and tapped to accept two more Picatinny Rails at the 9 and 3 o'clock positions. These optional rails are available at additional cost here at $39 for two.  The barrel also has a 6" rail on the bottom.

This launcher works well with the red dot sight available here.

The basic specs of the Tac-79 are as follows:

Designation: Launcher, 37mm, Single Action, Exposed Hammer, Top Break 

Country of Origin:  USA

Manufacturer: Ordnance Group LLC,  Sarasota Florida USA

Caliber: 37/38mm (1.5”) Rimmed Ammunition

Barrel Length: 12” (30.5cm). Fully enclosed rim. Transverse pin lockup

Dimensions (Tactical configuration):     

  • Length 23 - 27in. (59 - 69cm)
  • Height 9in (23cm)
  • Weight 4lb 14oz (2.2kg)

 Nominal Trigger Pull: 1.5lbs (0.7kg)

Safety: Ambidextrous Hammer Block

Stock: Six Position Adjustable AR stock   

Foregrip: Vertical, may vary from illustration

Pistol Grip: (Not on wood model) A2 AR compatible grip

Materials: 6061-T6 Aluminum. 4140 Steel. All materials sourced from the USA

Finishes: MIL-A-8625 Type II Anodizing and Mil-DTL-13924D Black Oxide

Picatinny Rails: One top 4” and 6” bottom standard (Mil-STD-1913).  Rear of barrel tapped for two optional 4” Picatinny rails at 9 and 3 o’clock.  No provision for rails on the 6" barreled configurations.

Go here to purchase the Picatinny rail Expansion Pack

Drilled and tapped to accept any AR compatible butt stock using only the buffer tube, castle nut and alignment plate. Buffer and Buffer Spring are not required.

Download the complete specs here


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