Perimeter Alarm - Shotgun Blank

Perimeter Alarm - Shotgun Blank

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This alarm is what got us thinking about adding prepping products to our site.  It is beautifully made and very reasonably priced.  Check out the video.  I am not sure that you would need to ignite firecrackers but it is a cool possibility.  Find 209 Primers and LOUD blanks elsewhere on our site.  This one differs from the primer version in that it will fire 12ga Blanks in addition to just primers.  

Made of 6061 Aluminum, this unit utilizes a spring loaded firing mechanism and a trip trigger. When the trigger is disturbed while loaded with a 12 gauge blank, the unit will discharge. This device is compatible with 12 gauge power blanks, flares, and pepper gas depending on situation and requirement. For outdoor use only. Keep away from flammable materials. 

Made in the USA, natch.