Multiple Impact Bullet Rounds - The Ultimate in Self Defense

Multiple Impact Bullet Rounds - The Ultimate in Self Defense

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Advanced Ballistic Concepts, a privately held company based in Colorado has introduced a cutting edge Multiple Impact Bullet™ featuring Instant Expansion Technology.™ The simplest explanation of the company’s exclusive Multiple Impact Bullet design is that it combines the accuracy of a spin-stabilized bullet with the proven increased probability and stopping power of a multiple projectile shot this one-of-a-kind bullet technology makes it possible to achieve an unprecedented combination of stopping power and high-hit probability. 

The two videos below describe the idea and shows projectiles using the technology in action.?

In a nutshell, this technology uses a bullet that separates upon firing.  Each piece is tethered to the others using high tech micro-fibers.  Since the projectile was spin stabilized, the center of the "net" is the point of aim.  The diameter of the "net" is the size of the target that you will hit.  Bottom line: you can't miss.  And in a life or death situation that is all that matters.  Consider these rounds life insurance.

Note that the same technology is used for Less Lethal Ammo and the SkyNet from the same manufacturer.

Skynet link

LL link

They come in 12 Gauge, .40S&W, .45LC, .45ACP and 9mm and are packed 5 (for 12 ga.) and 10 (for all others) to a container.