Luftwaffe Flieger-Leuchtpistole - Double Barrel Flare Gun
Luftwaffe Flieger-Leuchtpistole - Double Barrel Flare Gun

Luftwaffe Flieger-Leuchtpistole - Double Barrel Flare Gun

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This is an example of the Luftwaffe Flieger-Leuchtpistole L or Aviators Flare Gun L. These double-barreled, 26.5mm (4 Bore) signal pistols were issued to Luftwaffe aircrews in order to give them a method of communication that did not rely on their radio transmitters.

This pistol is marked with the maker code “ECKO” (Emil Eckoldt, SUHL). The ordnance code is located under the date 1942 to the rear of the safety lever on the left side of the frame. The tops of the barrels are both marked with a 4 in a circle (4-Bore) over the Luftwaffe Stick Eagle acceptance mark. This same proof appears on the rear of the receiver between the L and R barrel selector marks, and is covered when the selector switch is in the middle or "both barrels" position.

The pistol is marked with the serial number 14058 on the forward lower portion of the right hand side of the frame, and the Luftwaffe contract number FL 24483 is present on the opposite side of the frame. These pistols were either marked Fl. 24483 (Fl. = Flieger/Pilot) or Ln. 24483 (Luftwaffennachrichtentruppe / Signals-Radio). 

The gun has a frame mounted safety with Fire and Safe markings.
It uses a breakaway design that is activated by pushing the release lever, located under the trigger guard.  This action releases the locking lugs, opens the action, cocks the pistol and automatically sets it on safe. After closing the action, the pilot can use selector switch on the rear of the frame to determine whether they want to fire the Left barrel, Right barrel or both barrels simultaneously.

Condition is generally good with significant areas of anodizing worn exposing the metal beneath. Some scratching on the tops of the barrels. This would make a fine addition to a WW2 aviation display.
Note that this flare gun is being sold as a decorator and is not warranted for firing.
3-D: 28.6 x 7.6 x 16.5cm (11 1/4 x 3 x 6 1/2 in.)
BARREL - Aluminum
Frame - Aluminum