Grenade Vest for 37mm Rounds

Grenade Vest for 37mm Rounds

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U.S.G.I 1980's issue O.D. Green nylon vest.  Designed to hold 24 37/40mm  rounds. Vest has 20 pockets for 40mm grenades and 4 larger pockets at top of the vest for pyrotechnic rounds.  OD nylon with snap front mesh nylon on shoulders and chest. Each pocket measures approx 3 3/8" tall. Pockets are tapered 1 3/4" wide at top down to 1 1/4" wide at bottom.  Each pocket is open at top and bottom. Complete with heavy duty snap flap for closure. Mesh back with nylon pull strap. 

Works well with our rounds and adapters.

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Some Background on the 2nd Pattern Improved M79 Carrier Vest

(from and used with their kind permission)

Ammunition for M79 grenade launchers and the later XM148 and XM203 was issued in a 6-pocket cloth bandoleer, this wasn't a satisfactory design for the jungle environment in South East Asia as it snagged on undergrowth and dint allow the comfortable carry of a larger amount of grenades.

A Special Forces sergeant in Vietnam assembled a makeshift vest in early 1965 and this prototype vest was shown to a Natick Laboratories representative in Vietnam. The vest was taken back to the States for evaluation and on the 14th October 1965 6,687 of these vests were sent to Vietnam. 10,195 smaller vests were also produced for the ARVN forces. This vest held 18 rounds with six three-grenade pockets tow on each side at the front and tow on the back. These can often be seen in use by Navy SEAL teams.

The vest was good but after extensive testing by ACTIV in 1967 some key issues were raised such as the hard to access rear pockets and the need to use the plastic "egg carton" carriers in the pockets. In 1968 the improved Grenade Carrier Vest was released for testing with 14,400 in Vietnam by the end of 1968.

This improved vest is what we sell and features the extra capacity of 24 rounds all carried at the front, each round carried in its own pocket.  This  vest, issued from around 1973, also features metal snaps and 4 longer pouches on the top row for illumination grenades.