Fuze for Reloading or Artillery
Fuze for Reloading or Artillery

Fuze for Reloading or Artillery

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Pink 20ft/10sec per ft
Green 20ft/28sec per ft
50pieces 3/28sec per ft
It is generally considered to be a good idea to have a quantity of fuze on hand.  You simply never know, think Tremors. That said, we offer a few variations.
  • First is the standard "Green Fuse" which burns at about 28 seconds a foot.  This fuse is ideal for construction of breakers and other 37mm ammunition.  This fuse comes in either a 20ft length or pre cut into 3" pieces for the sake of convenience.
  • Then we have the "Pink Fuze" which burns faster: 10 seconds a foot.  This fuze is best for smoke rounds or for your cannon (see above).  This is only available in 20 foot lengths.

You can choose the type you want in the drop down, above.

A note on burning times: You MUST always test fuze.  Burn a piece of known length and time the burn

NEVER take stated burn rates as truth.  Ever.  Test.  And remember to ALWAYS wear eye protection

Fuze is HazMat and as such incurs a $32 incremental charge for shipping.  If you want fuze please combine it with other HazMat items so the cost is spread out.

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