Folding Stock Adapter

Folding Stock Adapter

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This is a side folding stock adapter that is threaded to attach any AR compatible stock. Release is simple: there is button on the side that, when depressed, releases the stock and allows it to swing 180 degrees to the left side of the weapon. 
 It attaches to any of our launchers by locating the adapter on the launcher's stock adapter and then screwing in the supplied bushing and tightening it with the included tool. It adds 1 1/4" to the overall length of the weapon and when in the folded configuration, makes for a very compact package.

Below are pictures of the Tac-D (9" barrel) with the adapter attached.  Note that this is an optional stock.

Tad-D with folded stock

Here is a Tad-D Pivot in the Go-Bag with it's stock folded.


These adapters are NOT made for use with AR platforms.  As we sell them they cannot be adapted for use with firearms.  Using them with a firearm can be unsafe.


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