Dragon's Breath - 12ga, 20ga & .410
Dragon's Breath - 12ga, 20ga & .410

Dragon's Breath - 12ga, 20ga & .410

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3 Rnds 12ga
3 Rnds .410ga

These rounds are so cool that they are BANNED in the following states: NOT FOR SALE IN: AK, CA, FL, IA, HI, IL, MA, NY & DC.  Would you all please go out and vote in some reasonable people?

Each round contains magnesium shards that are propelled out up to 80 feet.  The result is satisfying:

Note that these rounds:

- will NOT cycle a semi-auto shotgun

- are really capable of starting a conflagration.  Be CAREFUL!!

- will kill you deader than a dead thing.  Don't point at people or critters!!

NOTEDragon's Breath cannot be sold/shipped to the following states:

 Alaska, California, Hawaii, Florida, New York, Ilinois, Massachusetts, Iowa & DC