Collectable/Vintage Militaria, Weapons and Flare Guns

We have decided to put up for sale a variety of Flare Guns, Line Throwing Guns, Militaria and other assorted objects.  Note that launchers in this section ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO BE SAFE TO FIRE!!  Please have a gunsmith examine anything you purchase from this section before you attempt to shoot it.

We have tried to describe things fully but if you have any questions please contact us here:


The table, below, summarizes the differences between Czech 26.5mm rounds and the Olin stuff.
The short story is that Olin 25mm Rounds WILL NOT chamber in European (Czech, German, Yugo, Brit) 26.5mm flare guns.
I have tried them in half a dozen from the above countries and it is a no-go.  That said, the Czech ammo WILL chamber in 25mm launchers.
Seems damn odd to me but there it is.

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Ultra Rare 1507 Dated German Wall Gun
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A 1521 Dated Wall Gun Conversion
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Rare 3.2
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Pristine Czech 26.5mm
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German LP2 Flare Pistol 26.5mm
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37mm Flares for the M2 ONLY
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