Blasting Machines

Blasting Machines

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US Army
T Handle Heavy Duty

Some fun militaria/exotic goodies.  We have two 10 Cap Blasting machines, both in working order and one Wile E. Coyote model.

First is a US Army device made by the Fidelity Electric Co.  It is in working condition, producing a voltage when you twist the handle.  It is in good condition with the leather handle intact.  

$325  Sold.  Sorry



The second is a civilian version.  It is made by the Hercules Powder company and is in excellent condition.  This one is missing the leather carrying strap but is otherwise complete.





Finally, the Wile E. Coyote "T" handle classic.  This is a Dupont Model 30.  It is missing the leather carrying handle and has some nicks and bumps on the oak case.  It functions ad produces a voltage at it's terminals.  Fabulous for decoration or for hunting Roadrunners.

$500 Sold. Sorry