A 1521 Dated Wall Gun Conversion
A 1521 Dated Wall Gun Conversion

A 1521 Dated Wall Gun Conversion

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An Early Arquebus Barrel Converted into a Wall Gun

Forged iron barrel in ~1inch (25 mm) calibre with a heavily swamped muzzle with a prominent rounded post sight. The round barrel gradually expands as the rear is reached with The rear third is octagonal then round after double serrations. Vent and pan insert on the right side. There are three square marks and the date "1521" stamped on the underside of the breech. The stamping is used decoratively around the circumference of the barrel too. There are the initials “E R” above the date. The significance of this mark is unknown.  The rear sight consists of a groove cut in a block affixed to the rear of the barrel.  There is an extension behind the barrel proper.  This probably served an an anchor when it was stocked.  Surface has some pitting and surface rust. Length 40inches (102 cm).

This barrel began it's life as the barrel of a long arm. The original flash pan is affixed to the side. At some point, a ring with trunnions was fit on the barrel and to this was affixed a yolk with a pointed extension to be, presumably fit into a stand (or a hole in masonry on a wall) such as the modern reproduction.

The illustration shows the arrangement of a flash pan and match lock on a similar weapon.

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