8" 37mm Aluminum Hulls
8" shown with 5", 3" & 2"

8" 37mm Aluminum Hulls

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One 8" Hull 209 Primed
Ten 8" Hulls 209 Primed
One 8 Hull .38 Primed
Ten 8 Hulls .38 Primed

We are listing these hulls separately from our machined 3" and 5" hulls in order to avoid confusion inasmuch as there are some important differences between the two products.

  • These hulls are NOT machined.  The tube is swaged onto the head
  • They can use EITHER .38 Blanks or 209 Shotgun Primers depending on what you order
  • The 209 primed hulls are once-used and come with a used primer.  You have to decap them with either a punch or a 7/32" drill.  n.b. You can make a punch out of 1" dowel and a 1/8" pin OR a finishing nail.

The picture below shows a .38 blank with the head of the shell.

This picture shoes the difference in primer pockets

These hulls are commercial manufacture and are the exact type used by manufacturers of LE ammunition.  They will take many reloading cycles.  

Typically they are loaded with batons or other Less Lethal payloads.  Note that loading such materials requires a BATF DD registered launcher to shoot.  Even having a shell loaded with an anti-personnel projectile makes your 37mm launcher a destructive device.  Know the law and check with BATF if you are unsure.  We sell batons for those who are interested.

The length also serves to contain long loads such as smoke cartridges.  Note the comparison with the other hulls we sell.

Note also that these hulls can be reduced in length by using a simple pipe cutter.

Couple these hulls with our Reloading Consumables kit.

Individually or Package of Ten


Check federal, state and local laws and regulations before constructing any 37mm cartridges. Buyer assumes all risk involved in loading, reloading, constructing and using 37mm cartridges


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