.50 Caliber Ammo Misc. and Bulk
.50 Caliber Ammo Misc. and Bulk

.50 Caliber Ammo Misc. and Bulk

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60rnds. AP Linked
5 a2 Links
5 m2 Links
Ball- WRA/43
AP- KS/43


Unopened, waxed box of .50 Cal AP rounds.  Box inscription is:

60 rd. Cal. 50 Linked
linked AP M2
TW L 92356

Box is intact, unopened, so I have not examined the headstamp.  Have just one box.  Sold as collectors rounds!  Price $650/box


We come across limited amounts of .50 Cal ammo during our travels and offer it here.  Generally we don't have more than a few rounds but what we do find may be of interest.  As with all of our "vintage" ammo, these rounds are sold as collectors items.

Not everything will always be available.


Found a great resource for Headstamps and Link manufacturers:


The chart above shows the color coding for .50 cal ammo.

(1) Ball. For use in marksmanship training, and against personnel and light material targets.

(2) Tracer. To aid in observing fire. Secondary purposes are for incendiary effect and for signalling.

(3) Armor-piercing. For use against armored aircraft and lightly armored vehicles, concrete shelters, and other bullet-resisting targets.

(4) Incendiary. For incendiary effect, especially against aircraft.

(5) Armor-piercing-incendiary. For combined armor-piercing and incendiary effect.

(6) Armor-piercing-incendiary-tracer. For combined armor-piercing and incendiary effect, with the additional tracer feature.

(7) Blank. For simulated fire (contains no bullet).

(8) High-pressure test. For use only in proof firing of weapons and barrels.

(9) Dummy. For training (completely inert).

Have the following headstamps:

  • Blank- WCC/84
  • Ball- CAL 50/FA 30.  Drilled in side, dummy
  • Ball- WRA/43
  • Ball- SL/43
  • AP- KS/43
  • Marker/AP- LC/43.  These rounds are coated on the tip with ink so that impacts were more clearly visible during training.  Check out the link to the IAA site: https://forum.cartridgecollectors.org/t/50-browning-target-marking/330  The picture below shows the ink over the AP black.
  • Links- Both the older m2 link as well as the a2.

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