.410ga. & 12 ga. Cayenne Thunder Muzzle Blast Rounds
.410ga. & 12 ga. Cayenne Thunder Muzzle Blast Rounds

.410ga. & 12 ga. Cayenne Thunder Muzzle Blast Rounds

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Cayenne Thunder is a new Less Lethal approach to animal and perimeter control.   The active agent is the ground seed pods from either the Capsicum Annum L or Capsicum Fruitescens L species of Chili Peppers.  The resulting powder is extremely irritating when aerosolized and has gained increased attention and acceptance from LE and other entities who are concerned with the liabilities associated with traditional CS and CN tear gas formulations.  

Upon firing, a cloud of Cayenne Pepper is expelled from the muzzle of the firearm incapacitating any critter it comes into contact with.  There is wadding so do not use at close ranges unless absolutely necessary.

Pepper based compounds are widely use for Bear control.  If you are in the woods, keep a couple of rounds at hand.

We sell rounds for both the .410 and 12gauge.  

 n.b. These rounds ship ORMD, they DO NOT incur a HazMat charge

This round is widely used for wildlife control!  Here is a National Geographic article on the use of Red Pepper to repel bears without harming them.

Our 37mm to 12ga. adapter WILL NOT chamber this round!!!

Our .410 to 12gauge adapter WILL allow you to fire any of out .410 rounds out of a 12 gauge weapon.


This ammo is not a toy.  Using it CAN result in serious injury or even death.  Never fire anything at anybody unless you are prepared for fatal consequences.

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