.410 & 12ga Concussion Rounds (Flash Bangs)

.410 & 12ga Concussion Rounds (Flash Bangs)

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12 Gauge

.410 & 12ga Concussion Rounds (aka Flash Bangs, MegaBlanks)

These are the NOVA rounds from Lightfield.  They are essentially very loud and very bright blanks and are known by a number of names such as Concussion Rounds, Flash Bangs, MegaBlanks, Distraction Rounds and so on.  They should not be confused with our vanilla blanks available elsewhere on this site.

Ideal for use in your Judge pistol!

Can be used to deter unfriendly animals.

These rounds are intended as an indirect fire diversionary load. It should never be fired directly at persons or pets. Muzzle blast is similar to a hand thrown NFDD and can cause injury or death.The intense blast signature and flash are intended to serve several purposes:

  • Ideal for use as a warning shot
  • Disorient and disable an intruder
  • Alternative to firing a projectile in your home
  • Can be used as an alternative method to control or redirect dangerous animals


  • Little or no risk of fire, no fragmentation
  • Generates little or no smoke to reduce visibility
  • These rounds create the illusion of a much larger weapon being discharged

Available in 12 ga and .410

*Use extreme caution using this product around young children and friendly pets. Can cause great harm or even death if fired directly at a person at close range.