37mm to 12ga Cartridge Adapter

37mm to 12ga Cartridge Adapter

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These aluminum adapters will allow for the use of 12 gauge flares, blanks and signaling rounds in your 37mm launcher.  They are bored to a depth that will not permit the loading of a full sized shotgun shell.  They WILL seat ALL of the 12ga. signalling rounds and blanks that we sell.

Also available to convert 37mm launchers to 26.5mm and to convert 26.5mm to 12ga.  See them elsewhere.

Manufactured by the Ordnance Group LLC.

Video shows a blank being fired from one of our launchers using this adapter. Great report and smoke for pennies a round.

NOTE: ATF takes making a firearm without having a license very seriously. Using real ammo with these adapters thru a modification of them can create severe criminal liability. Be aware.

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