37mm Tear Gas Ammo

37mm Tear Gas Ammo

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37mm Chinese Tear Gas
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Amazingly, we have come into a quantity of 37/38mm Tear Gas from China!

Actually, We don't.  All gone. 

However, we will soon have a very cool Pepper round (OC).  If you want to be kept up to date on this please register (click "Contact Us" at the very top of any page) and we will send you an announcement when it is available.  We anticipate 37mm and .410ga loadings.

Nothing says "Revolutionary Fervor" like some good old CN to keep the People in line.

These rounds are dated 2010, so they are the newest that we have carried.  They are immaculate, packed in 4mil plastic bags with all marks perfect.  They were manufactured by Factory No. 941 in Zhejiang.  They have a 100 yard range.


These are the best we have carried and will, if prior experience is any indicator, go very quickly.  Note that the cases appear to be machined rather than swaged, which is usual for US made rounds.  As such they are eminently reloadable.  They take a 9mm blank as a primer. 

Available singly at $85 or lots of five for $399.  Order from the drop down.

Meanwhile, we suggest you mosey over to the reloading section and check out what you might conjure up on the old reloading bench.

Please Note:  All Tear Gas Rounds are surplus.  They are past their stated expiration date and have been released by the agency that had them in inventory.  These have been spot checked and tested and have worked fine but we cannot guarantee them.  We have sold a couple of hundred with zero problems.  Some rounds are newish, some have been handled.  All will chamber.  Dents and light or invisible writing on them can be expected.


Some notes on "Tear Gas"

After they are fired the gas generator travels some distance and releases a large volume of white smoke, which contains CN Tear Gas, for about 20-40 seconds. You do not want to be in that smoke or even close.  The canister presents a fire hazard so care should be observed in dry conditions.  

These are federally legal to buy however there are states and municipalities where they are not legal.  It is your responsibility to be sure that you are allowed to own these.  These are not toys. 

"Gas" is a misnomer.  CN (Chloroacetophenone) is a solid that is finely ground so that it can be carried by the smoke that is so characteristic of tear gas deployment.  Here is a brief history of the substance:

Chloroacetophenone was discovered by German scientists around 1870, but was not prepared for actual scientific use until 1877. The extent to which scientists used it was rather minimal, considering that its properties had not yet been explored by the scientific realm. However, in the year of 1923, the United States Government made the decision to finance the development of chemical agents that could be used for law enforcement at the Edgewood Arsenal. Scientists spent a great deal of time and energy researching irritants that would not be lethal to civilians but could be used as a method of crowd control. They eventually developed the chloroacetophenone as a spray in canisters that is very similar to the tear gas used by modern day law enforcement. In the late 1920's, the French became the first successful users of chloroacetophenone as a means of bringing order to the disputes of civilians within their colonies. By the 1930's, virtually every law enforcement agency in the world was using chloroacetophenone as a way of controlling out of hand civilian situations.
Experimentation with chloroacetophenone continued into the 1940's during World War II. Within that time period, it was discovered that chloroacetophenone particles that were micro-pulverized would produce a greater effect of irritation that would endure much longer.

These rounds must be shipped HAZMAT!!