37mm Reloading Kit<br>No hulls or HazMat components

37mm Reloading Kit
No hulls or HazMat components

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Here is a kit for reloading 37mm hulls.  The hulls can be reused many times so all you need is this kit, some 209 Shotgun primers, fuse and a glue gun.  Enough material for reloading 10 hulls.  See our Hulls, listed separately.

Includes Cardboard tubes, end caps and rubber band sealers and precision crafted fuse hole poker.  

Note that if you purchase other HazMat items at the same time as this kit, we will include fuse and primers at no additional cost.

Check federal, state and local laws and regulations before constructing any 37mm cartridges. Buyer assumes all risk involved in loading, reloading, constructing and using 37mm cartridges

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