37mm Exotic Assortment
37mm Exotic Assortment

37mm Exotic Assortment

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Today's newest 37mm ammo for your launcher.  These state of the art wildlife control rounds are loaded in high quality REUSABLE aluminum hulls. When you shoot these rounds save the hulls!  Then use the hulls with pre-loaded payloads (listed elsewhere) and save money!!

The Assortment is a smart way to save loot and experience all three great rounds (see below).  The assortment contains 3 Dragon Egg rounds, 3 Freedom Tracer rounds and 3 Spyro rounds.  A total of 9 rounds in high quality, reuseable aluminum hulls.

Dragon Eggs:  These 37mm Signaling Rounds produce a shower of popping dragon eggs tailing behind as the projectile ascends.  At it's apogee the payload releases a shower of colorful stars.  3 Rounds per package.

Freedom Tracers: Produce a comet like flare or tracer on the back of the projectile once launched then finish with a shower of Stars and Crackles.  3 Rounds per package.

SPYRO: Produce a Spiraling effect as they fly and finish with a burst of stars!  


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