26.5mm Warsaw Pact Flare Pistol
26.5mm Warsaw Pact Flare Pistol

26.5mm Warsaw Pact Flare Pistol

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26mm Pistol alone

Surplus Warsaw Pact 26.5mm flare pistol made in Poland to use with our 26.5mm flares or, with an insert, 12ga flares.

 $119 each!

Steel construction, positive lock-up.  Lanyard ring. Fabulous manufacturing.  All of these pistols are new with some scuffs and scratches from years of storage.  New old inventory.  Might never have been issued.  Note that there is side to side play in the barrels when they are opened.  They lock up tight as a vault though and that is what matters so don't worry.

The top is dated from 1950 to 1967 or later with the famous "Oval 11" manufacturer's mark.  This factory was known as  "Zaklady Mechaniczne 'Lucznik' w Radomiu" (Mechanical Works 'Archer' in Radom) after WW2.  After its bankruptcy, production was transferred to a new company "Fabryka Broni 'Lucznik' w Radomiu" ("Weapons Factory 'Archer' in Radom"), better known as "FB Radom".   The "Oval 11" logo now belongs to the "Works 11" company, who bought it in the early '00s.  Works 11 was assembling AKs from parts bought after ZM "Lucznik" bankruptcy.

A great and compact addition to your launcher collection at an affordable price.  A working piece of militaria from the Cold War.

These pistols will fire the following rounds:

26mm Red Rain, Green Comets and Three Colors of smoke. With the 26.5 to 12ga adapter, it will fire 12 ga. red, green and blue flares, gold comets and blanks.  Note that the adapter will NOT chamber 12ga. shot loads and that firing such rounds in this flare pistol is very dangerous and illegal without proper registration.

No license necessary.