26.5mm Rockets - 2 Rounds per package Ammo

26.5mm Rockets - 2 Rounds per package Ammo

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From Germany. These flares use next generation technology in their manufacture. When fired, a finned rocket blasts out of the case. It goes extremely high and burns out in the air. Recoil is minimal as the rocket propels itself rather than relying on black powder. Type I: shoots 1 red meteor and an orange smoke bomb that drops simultaneously with the flare. Type II: sends 6 bright red meteors skyward at one time making it a red rain on steroids. After they all go out, they leave a white smoke trace that lingers for a minute or so.  They go very, very high.

It is hard to get a picture that does justice to these rounds.  They sound like an RPG when you launch one.  You loose sight of it pretty quickly and you think "Dud".  Then a couple of seconds later you hear a pop and see the flare and or smoke way way way far off.  It is simply cool.

Package of 2 contains one of each type.

This item has to be shipped HAZMAT!

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