2" 37mm Plastic Hulls - Ten pack
2' 37mm Plastic Hulls - Ten pack

2" 37mm Plastic Hulls - Ten pack

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Good quality Plastic Hulls -- Pack of 10

These hulls are actually shy of 2", they mike out at ~1.9".  Colors can vary.  Current inventory is Black.

They will take many reloading cycles.  

They accept a standard #209 Shotgun primer and have a unique recessed pocket so that the primer lies flush against the head of the hull.  The primers are held securely in the pocket,  they will not fall out until you decap the hull.  If you have a primer that is a bit too small in diameter to be seated snugly you might have to use either a piece of tissue paper around the primer or, alternatively, seal the primer with clear nail polish.

There is no integral bushing in these hulls!!.  For pennies you can get a length of PVC at Lowes or Home Depot and slice off your own bushings.  If you are reloading anyway, you might as well make the components!!!  

Couple these hulls with our Reloading Consumables kit.  See links below for related products.

Check federal, state and local laws and regulations before constructing any 37mm cartridges. Buyer assumes all risk involved in loading, reloading, constructing and using 37mm cartridges


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