12ga. Twin Thruster 12ga 2-3/4" 12-Shot

12ga. Twin Thruster 12ga 2-3/4" 12-Shot

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3 Round Pack

One of the best hog hunting rounds available anywhere.  This is a modern variation of the old "Buck and Ball" load used by frontiersmen and in the early US Army.

From WIKI:

The intent of the buck and ball load was to combine the devastating impact of the full-size (normally .50 to. 70 caliber, depending on the specific gun) ball with the spreading pattern of a shotgun, and served to greatly improve the hit probability of the smoothbore musket used in combat, especially at closer ranges, where the buckshot would retain significant energy, and against closely packed troops where the spread of the buckshot would be advantageous.

Perhaps the most famous proponent of the buck and ball loading was George Washington, who encouraged his troops to load their muskets with buck and ball loads during the American Revolution. The Union Irish Brigade retained their smoothbore muskets until late in the American Civil War so they could fire buck and ball during the relatively close range battles. The buck and ball load was standard issue throughout the Seminole Wars of 1815 - 1845. With the advent of general issue rifled muskets in the American Civil War, and longer engagement ranges during the later stages of the war, the buck and ball loading began to fade from use. Buck and ball did see action in the remaining inventory of smoothbore muskets at Gettysburg and later actions. The effective Irish Brigade use of buck and ball against Pickett's Charge is notable.
Same idea here, massive mass directed at your target.  This remake uses two 1oz. lead slugs. Devastating load for Hogs or personal defense.
Try alternating Twin Thrusters with Hog Buster rounds for a devastating combo.

Exotic Products Twin Thruster 12ga 2-3/4" 12-Shot 3 Rounds

Twin Thruster is two 1oz. slugs with a lot of thrusting power.

•Gauge : 12 Gauge
•Shell Length : 2-3/4"
•Velocity :  fps
•Shot Size: Slug
•Oz. Shot: 1
•Rounds Per Box : 3