Hawaii and Alaska residents please call 941-592-7227 to order.

We have a VERY limited stock of Lake City 5.56 Tracer Ammo

                                                                                                                Click for 5.56 Tracers

Note that if you want a wood stocked launcher AND one barrel length is OOS, I am trying to balance the numbers with demand.  So please check back or call.

We have a limited number of OFFICIAL Ordnance Group patches.  We will send a free one to anyone who purchases a launcher (while supplies last, obviously)

BLANKS ... Got 13 boxes of 7.62/ .308 BLANK ammo in as well as one box of 20 rounds of .30-06 with a variety of headstamps of interest to the collector.

Click here for .308/7.62 Blanks

Click here for .30-06 Blanks

TRACERS!!!  Just got in some Green and Red to Green 9mm Tracers.

Click Here for 9mm Tracers

Still Have some .22 Tracers

Click Here for .22 Tracers

We just got a few pounds of Pyrodex and some primers.  They will go VERY quickly.

Click for Pyrodex

Click for Primers

We now have the Top Break Fiberglas M-79 Launcher in Three Barrel Lengths.  Limited quantities.  

Click here to see Top Break Launchers

We have begun carrying MACE Less Lethal Pepper Spray.

Click here to see MACE Personal Protection Model

Click here to see MACE Sport Model

We have begun carrying Byrna Less Lethal Launchers and ammo.  

Click here to see LL Launchers!!

Check our newest configuration, the Tac-m79 FG
All Launchers are in stock and available for shipping!!!

We now have a LARGE selection of Wire Pull Smoke Grenades.